End of the Year Annual Fundraiser

Our End of the Year Fundraiser is underway through December 31.
Despite what you may hear about the death of print books and the lack of interest in libraries, there are actually more public libraries in the U.S. than there are Starbucks. More than just storage spaces for books, libraries are important community hubs that serve as centers of learning, professional development, and healthcare. Libraries truly are remarkable places, and in today’s world, we need them now more than ever.

We are a community center.  A place where young and old alike come together to share knowledge and ideas. We are a resource for those looking to find a job or change careers or learn a new skill. We offer adult and youth programming that positively impact lives. We are also a safe place where teens can learn acceptance and respect for one another in a safe environment.

Would you be willing to help us continue our efforts by contributing $25, $50, $100 or more?